Domaine Jean Marc Brocard Chablis Premier Cru Côte de Léchet 2018

This was the first wine I tasted in a blind tasting over the weekend. I closed my eyes and sniffed away, slightly nervous that I would be overwhelmed by having to decode three wines in a row.

The flinty minerality in my glass was unmistakeable; it conjured up visions of a place far away in Northern France, despite my never having been there. The wine’s delightful minerality was elegantly complimented by notes of ripe apples, lemons, and peaches (I don’t even particularly enjoy fruit, but I was oddly pleased by it all). There was also a subtle aroma of homemade butter on the nose, and a touch of creamy richness on the palate, reminding me of a lightly buttered crostino. This hint of richness was balanced, though, by the acidity of freshly squeezed lemon juice. And then, just when I thought I had the wine figured out, a delicate and reticent floral note revealed itself.

Chablis, I decided, and Chardonnay, of course. And I was right!

I absolutely recommend this captivating wine. It took me some time to fully appreciate it; the more I sipped it, the more I liked it. Wine reviewers far more experienced than I have recommended that one wait a few years before opening up a bottle. I would love to see how it evolves over 2-4 years. 

This wine, with its harmonious complexity, is wonderful by itself. Given that it has a fair amount of acidity and some lovely fruity and mineral notes, it should also go well with delicately flavoured foods, especially those that are buttery and or cheesy. I think it would be pair superbly with a fish filet grilled in butter, topped off with a splash of lemon juice!