Terres de Saint Louis 2019

This is a straightforward, simple, and refreshing, pale salmon Rosé, a blend of Cinsault, Grenache, and Syrah from the Coteaux Varois in Central Provence. The region is hilly, resulting in a relatively large variation between day and night-time temperatures; this high diurnal range, in turn, contributes to the crispness of wines made from grapes grown here. It has citrus aromas (especially orange and lemon), complemented by vaguely herbal and mineral notes. This is not a very intensely aromatic wine, neither is it very complex or interesting. Nonetheless, it makes for a great companion to all sorts of different foods, and in general, is a great addition to a dinner party or brunch, especially given the price point. It took on a very enchanting Jupiter hue in the warm afternoon light of my dining room, making for a pretty addition to the table.

It should go well with most fish and any cheesy, bready, and/or deep-fried food, given its crisp acidity and citrus flavours. I paired it with what I am calling a baked bruschetta: sourdough bread, topped with our very own garden-fresh cherry tomatoes, garlic, basil, bufala Mozarella, and sharp, aged cheddar. Its acidity really cut through the heaviness of the cheese, refreshing my palate with each swirl and bringing the delightful, sweet freshness of the tomatoes and the wonderful creaminess of the fresh mozzarella into the foreground.

While Rosé is often thought of as a summer wine, I think it is quite versatile and can be an especially great choice, all year-round, for many styles of Indian food, given its usually high acidity. In the case of this particular Rosé, given that it is dry (not sweet) and has an average amount of alcohol (12.5%), I would not recommend it as an accompaniment to very spicy foods (alcohol can accentuate the heat of chilies and other hot spices in an unpleasant way). It would go well, however, with snacks such as Samosas and Pakoras, appetizers such as Tandoori chicken, Paneer Tikka, and Tandoori salmon, and relatively mild kebabs, creamy sauce-based dishes like Paneer Makhani and Butter Chicken, and delicately spiced dals (lentil-based dishes) such as Dal Makhani (buttery black lentils).