Pierre Sparr Rosé Crémant d’Alsace

Made with Pinot Noir grapes, this is a pretty sparkling rosé that can light up a summer night! A classic example of “less is more”, it has delicate notes of strawberry, ripe apple, and freshly baked bread. Its fresh fruit flavours and gentle sweetness are nicely offset by moderate acidity. 

I enjoyed its balanced flavours and pleasant finish and found it to be a very pleasing accompaniment to stargazing, its soft effervescence adding a little bit of spark to my night.

This wine would pair well with spicy food, especially tandoori chicken, fish tikka, or vegetarian kebabs. Given its overall mildness, the food itself will take centrestage, but the wine will serve as a refreshing supporting actor to it, its effervescence and acidity cleansing the palate between bites. Moreover, its slight sweetness might offset the saltiness and hotness of the food in a pleasing way. Given its modest levels of acidity, I would not pair this wine with food that is very acidic, as it will seem even less acidic in comparison. Similarly, food that is very oily, or creamy, such as fried fish or a creamy paneer butter masala would be better served by a crisper wine with a sharper edge than this one.

This is also a great bottle of bubbly to bring to a party, given its relaxed cheerfulness and bonhomie: it is, in my view, utterly incapable of putting anyone off.

I would drink it now, as its fresh and fruity flavour profile is best enjoyed sooner rather than later.