Colab and Bloom Barossa Shiraz 2017

This deep and dark red, a blend of Shiraz and a small amount of Petit Verdot, is bold, flavourful, and intriguing. Its vibrant aromas bring to mind dark berries, fragrant violets, and freshly cracked black pepper. There is also a distinct aroma of star anise that I found quite agreeable, surprisingly, given that I tend to be turned off by liquorice-like aromas (one’s sense of smell is so deeply connected to one’s memories and I was once subjected to a horrendous liquorice-based beverage (a story for another day)). Lingering in the background is an earthy fragrance, redolent of the perfumed air that follows the first monsoon shower.

On the palate, the fruit and floral notes are less dominant. In its stead, one encounters bolder peppery notes, accompanied by savoury, perhaps even meaty flavours. There is also a rounded woodiness to the wine and most pleasing of all, notes of rich, dark chocolate.

It is dry with a smooth and balanced texture, with medium acidity, medium, silky tannins and high levels of well-integrated alcohol (14.5% abv). The one flaw that marred this otherwise very enjoyable wine was that it had a slightly bitter finish. 

Overall, this fairly typical iteration of a Barossa Valley-style shiraz was a treat to imbibe (it is worth noting, though, that the bottle is labeled “Barossa”, which means that the grapes have most probably been sourced from both Barossa Valley and Eden Valley). Given its affordability, it is a good introduction to the genre and also, a reliable choice if you are seeking a classic expression of this style. I would drink it now, but it does have the potential to develop further with age.