Blue Mountain Gold Label Brut Sparkling Wine

With fruity notes of apple and lemon, a pleasant minerality, crisp acidity, and almost no sweetness, this is a refreshing glass of bubbly for the gorgeous warm weather that we have been having lately! The wine also has a delightful aroma of toasted bread, reminiscent of the way my kitchen smells when I am toasting a sliced baguette to make some crostini. 

Overall, this is a great bottle of Canadian bubbly from British Columbia made in the traditional method, at a very reasonable price. 

It is perfect for a celebration or for a quiet evening outside with some cheese. The wine’s acidity and creamy bubbles also make it a great addition to a backyard barbecue, and should pair well with a sandwich or burger, or really, any salty, fatty food that is grilled or fried. 

I would recommend drinking it now or cellaring it for a few years.